Using MarsEdit with SEO Yoast

I love good SEO for my blog posts and I use a plugin for Wordpress called SEO Yoast by Joost de Valk. I love the devil out of this plugin, but the one thing that irked me the most was that plugin calls using my favorite client software for writing, MarsEdit, was tricky at best. Fortunately, I was able to find a great resource on about this exact problem and how to solve it.

The solution lies in modifying the meta.php file in your Wordpress installation to allow server calls with your corresponding plugin's prefixes. For example, calls to Wordpress for the SEO by Yoast plugin have the prefix yoast and for All-In-One SEO Pack, the prefix is aioseop.

Once you change the file accordingly, you can use a third-party client to access these calls to your Wordpress installation. Macography had another post on adding custom fields to the Wordpress account attached in the MarsEdit app.

Screen Shot 2011 12 29 at 12 58 11 PM

In my situation, I am running MarsEdit, which is Mac-based software, but I imagine you can use this method with any blogging software that supports custom fields, regardless of the platform you're using it on. The caveat to this statement is that I don't know much about blogging on other platforms, except for my limited experience with Windows Live Writer in Windows 7.

Because of this feature and the ability for me to generate a true preview within the application, I can now publish directly from within MarsEdit to my blog, and I never have to visit the administration panel except to update core Wordpress or other maintenance.