Was my Facebook usage - and decision to leave it - wrong?

I'm reconsidering my position on Facebook.

For those of you who remember me exclaiming my freedom from Mark Zuckerberg about a month ago, I'm questioning as to whether this was the right decision - for me.

I'm considering reintroducing myself to Facebook on the premise that I need to take onus for the content displayed on my page. Before I felt too obligated to keep posts with little or no value coming into my news feed simply because the poster was a family member or a close friend. I've since realized that just because the poster has significance to me personally doesn't mean that 100% of the content they share is relevant to me. How many mindless Internet memes do I have to tolerate before enough is enough? The answer: not a single one.

I'm hoping that my renewed use of Facebook will find some value that I didn't see before. With a little curation of what information is being displayed to me (translation: no game or app invites), I should find it a valuable resource with moderate use.

In the end, the need for any product is subjective regardless of whether that product is a social network, laundry detergent, or car manufacturer. I'm optimistic that with my new mindset, I can become a little more open minded about the black hole of the Internet that is the world's largest social connector.