Why I'm Using A Creative Commons License

I like to create content for my audience.  Sharing knowledge and experiences that I've had with tech and learning from other's experiences is something that makes the Internet a wonderful place to do just that.  Something I've noticed is that my previous content license on my blog didn't do that.  It didn't play well with others.

I've decided to release my content under a Creative Commons license for everything now and in the future posted to my blog: written content, photos, videos and any other medium known, now or in the future.  If you've never heard of Creative Commons, with all the hustle of SOPA and PIPA floating around lately, now's the time to familiarize yourself with some copyright rules that make sense.

There are several different kinds of Creative Common licenses and the one used for classicyuppie.com is called Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND). What this means is that you can repost content you see on this site anywhere on the internet, as long as the use is not for commercial purposes and there is no modification made to it.  For the record, I will allow usage of part of written work (for example, an excerpt from a written post) under fair use guidelines.  Photography you see that is my own photography will be clearly indicated with a watermark and under the BY-NC-ND license, you are not permitted to remove this watermark.

Under the Creative Commons licenses, the work itself must remain intact as no derivative works can come from it.  My content is what it is and either must be republished as it is created by me or not at all.  This is not to be confused with fair use.  The fair use standard allows for copyrighted or licensed material to be republished as long as the basis of the reproduction is for commentary or criticism. Derivative work is based on the original and is used to create an entirely new piece of content (think of an adaptation, dramatization or fictionalization of a book; see also creative, artistic or dramatic license).

I don't want to bog my readers down with legalese and stifle their though processes or creativity, nor do I want to stop those who wish to republish my work, either in brief or long form.  I simply want to be acknowledged for the work I create.  If you want to use something that I've created and posted to this blog, you only have two requirements:

  1. Give acknowledgement to me as the author of the work our thought.
  2. Link back to the original post on classicyuppie.com

I think these rules are simple to follow.  If you are familiar with creating citations for your work (such as those found on Wikipedia) or citing works to back up what you're saying yourself (any high school and college-level paper), you should already be familiar with giving credit where it is due.  Anything less is pure plagiarism (a.k.a, stealing).

Play nice, people.