Why Wordpress's iPad App Blows (AKA: Wordpress Ate My Blog Post)

In a nutshell, because it just ate seven paragraphs of very eloquent writing on my thoughts of the recent passing of NY's gay marriage law.

I wrote the entire post on my iPad offline.  Then I connected to a wifi network to upload my writing and it seemed to work just fine.  When I went to publish it using my desktop computer, I found that it uploaded nothing and when I went back to my iPad to push it to the server again, it failed.

I am using my own self-hosted WP solution, not Wordpress.com

Is this really the way Matt Mullenweg and the crew at Wordpress treat their year's long user base?  If that's the case I'll be switching to another service.  This is shitty.

I received no notice that my post would be lost, overwritten, that the upload failed... nothing.

This is shitty.

UPDATE: I found where the iPad app will let you do a local draft, but it's not a default option.  WHAT?!  That's major ball-suckage in my book.  This should be a DEFAULT option.  I shouldn't have to trudge through a series of menus to set my post to save as a local draft.  That should be the app default.  Then when I want to publish, give me a publish button I can choose.  This is bass-ackwards app development.  I really hope this changes in a future updates to the application.  Wordpress needs to understand that not everyone who is drafting posts on their iPad has a 3G model and can publish on a whim.  Some of us need to save locally and upload later... that's why this should be a default, not an option to "find" somewhere in their archaic menu system.