WIRED's "The Revolution According to Steve Jobs"

This has to be the best write up on Steve Jobs' since Leander Kahney's Inside Steve's Brain.  Steven Levy does an excellent job at taking you inside the mind of a man who would change the world, one device at a time.

Mortality must have been on his mind when I saw him again in Cupertino the next summer for a Newsweek interview. When I pulled out my iPod—I was using it as a recording device—he was horrified to see that it was covered by a plastic case, something that he considered an abomination. He urged me to discard it. “I think the stainless steel looks beautiful when it wears,” he told me. “Probably it’s like us. I mean, I’m going to be 50 next year, so I’m like a scratched-up iPod myself.

Regardless of how you feel about Apple as a company or their products, Levy's write up is a fitting tribute to the digital age's greatest innovator.  You can read the full page text of The Revolution According to Steve Jobs at WIRED.