Yahoo Axis Should DIAF

Not really sure what Yahoo was trying to go for here. Upon visiting the Axis home page, one is plainly aware that it's some sort of web browser - yet it's actually a search bar. Lord knows, the video explaining Yahoo's latest foray into the modern web isn't very telling. Sure it has lots of John Woo-style explosions, but what does that really tell consumers about what appears to be the first new product out of the company in years?

Yahoo brags that it has instant access to search results when done through the application. Last I checked, already provided that. At least current browsers like Chrome, Safari, and - heck - even Internet Explorer offer a unibar you can both enter a web address and perform a search. Why on earth would I want another search bar, duplicating functions I already have in my existing browser, all so I can "benefit" from Yahoo's lackluster search results? Not to mention the performance hit a browser takes from loading add ons and excessive nonsense like this.

Dear Yahoo,